The rapid process of technological change influences and reinforces design trends every year, which is why have to be very attentive to new developments and movements. Through trend scouting and creative experimentation, we are constantly expanding our design knowledge applicable to digital products or services.
In the following we present the five UI design trends 2020:


Animated Illustrations

Illustrations have been a long-time favorite of digital design. They create attention and give the user interface a human touch. Add an animation and the effect is enhanced, making the illustrations tangible and come alive. As an endless loop, animated illustrations increase the effect of immersion.


Micro Interactions

It’s often the small details that make a digital product great. A creative design of micro interactions during the user experience plays an important role. Micro interactions don’t merely enhance the user interface significantly, they take the whole application to the next level by adding joy of use.


3D Art in Web and Mobile UI

We mostly know them from movies and video games: 3D graphics have made an incredible leap in the past decades. Now that the mobile and web-based technologies are evolving faster than ever, 3D graphics don’t stop at modern user interfaces. 3D graphics create a stronger user activation when used in digital products and services. Through 3D graphics, the digital user experience visibly stands out from other interfaces and lets the user immerse themself fully in the action.


Augmented Reality

Augmented reality might sound like the use of futuristic headsets. However, in the past years, AR has made huge progress. Leading digital businesses are currently investing a lot of money in this technology. Last year, facebook released a tool that allows you to create AR filters for completely new experiences. This paves the way for conquering the AR space through unimagined, creative approaches.

Augmented Reality (AR) Instagram Filter



In the world of design, skeuomorphism is a style in which design elements imitate different materials or take the form of a familiar object. Especially through the popularity of virtual reality and augmented reality, skeuomorphism is making a comeback - only more modern and with a new name: neomorphism. With a new stylish visual feel and a great deal of attention to detail, neomorphism has a great opportunity to stand out impressively from flat interfaces.

Mobile App mit Neomorphism bzw Neumorphismus
Sound Interface Design unter Verwendung von Neumorphismus bzw. Skeomorphismus

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