International JavaScript Conference 👨‍💻👩‍💻

After an inspiring attendance at the International Javascript Conference 2019 in Munich, Patrick joined the conference remotely this time.

He decided to participate for two days - one was packed with interesting talks and on the second day he got to join in a great workshop hosted by Nir Kaufman on Design Patterns in TypeScript.

Day 1️⃣ – interesting talks!

Patrick’s key-talks on his first day: James Quick with “Serverless is here to stay - is your Database Serverless ready” and Mark Volkmann’s “Svelte - Web App Development Reimagined”.

💡 James introduced Planetscale as a “database for developers”. It is a serverless database which offers a branching model to simplify schema changes for your production database. You can create a Dev branch off your production branch, make the desired changes and play around with the data, create a deploy request (this is a pull request for your schema changes) and after a colleague reviewed your changes you can easily deploy to your production base - zero-downtime included!

💡 After playing around with all the new cool things in #React - Next.js, Blitz.js, RemixRun – Patrick hasn’t dived deeper into any other frontend framework recently. With the presentation of Svelte he’ll definitely change this. It’s quite different than React and #Vue – both leave a lot “work” for the browser. In comparison Svelte is a compiler, the work happens during build time. Since Patrick really is a fan of Next.js to build React applications he was concerned to lose this ability with Svelte - but SvelteKit has you covered.

Day 2️⃣ – amazing workshop!

💡 Nir Kaufman introduced Patrick`s group to a lot of different design patterns. From Singleton over Observer to Memento Pattern - Nir prepared small challenges to try to implement them on their own. After some try & errors, Nir revealed the correct solution with some great live coding and discussed it’s challenges and benefits.
As in every live coding session there were some mishaps but luckily the guys from Zoom - or the “voice of God” as we called them - could assist.

All in all, it was another joyful experience even as a remote participant of the conference. 🎉

The small downside - a lot of great new topics to discover but not the time to master them all in the next few days, but Patrick will definitely keep that pot boiling!